Midsummer Magic Night


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Midsummer Magic Night

Midsummer Magic Night

The sun reaches the peak of its powers at Midsummer, on approximately June the 21 each year. This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Midsummer marks the turning point of the year, the end of the Bright, the beginning of the Dark.

Finns burn bonfires as a tribute to the Sun and to this they contribute the energy from their own fires to keep the Sun´s fire burning longer. Midsummer celebration originates from old pagan traditions.  

To get a husband

One of the most widespread Midsummer Eve traditions in Finland is for a woman to gather seven (or in some parts of Finland nine) different flowers, tie them together and place the bouquet under her pillow on Midsummer Eve. Her future husband would then appear to her in a dream that night.

To become powerful and rich

A specific type of fern was also believed to blossom on Midsummer Eve, and anyone who saw the flower and was smart enough to pick it would gain magic powers, or, according to some traditions, become rich.

Welcome to Midsummer Magic at Lakeside country hideaway with Harmony Trail!

The Midsummer night was believed to be a very powerful time for magic, hence tricks and rituals were performed mostly for love, fertility and marriage. A person’s future could also be predicted by performing certain rituals on Midsummer Eve.

We shall enjoy Magical Midsummer program, bonfire dancing and Midsummer Dinner at Lakeside country hideaway.

When: Three evenings in summer 2012: June 21, 22 and 23

Where: Bus pick-up from the groups hotel´s, 45 minutes drive from Helsinki