Nordic Treasures


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Nordic Treasures

Nordic Treasures

As a matter of fact today’s rhythm of life does not leave space for relaxation. All week long we are subjected to immense stress and pressure caused by society members and other various circumstances. As a result we find ourselves absorbed by everyday routine and environment.

For certain our life is full of versatile emotions, feelings, events, some of them lifting our mood up, whereas others unfortunately, – bringing us down. When negative emotions overwhelm a soul, it is a high time for reminding yourself that life does not consist only of stress and it is the right moment to put your life on “pause”. It is time to recall the beauty of nature that is near us.

We offer you an exclusive relaxing and calm Nordic tour
combined of the following elements:

Gorgeous hotel
Luxurious car or helicopter
Individual assistant
Wellness and relaxation
Individual shopping tour

Weekend program for a small group (consisting of 2 friends’ couples or families)


Picking up at the airport on a luxury car (Mercedes-benz S Long, Audi A8 Long)
Supper at the restaurant
Accommodation in the hotel “Kämp”


For the whole Saturday males and females follow different programs and never meet this day. The idea is to enable every member of a group to enjoy activities he/she is interested in.

Program for women:

Breakfast at the hotel. They can choose between French or light-eco breakfast
Shopping  includes visiting such famous brand stores as Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Louis Vuitton, D&G, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Lapponia and many others
Lunch in the restaurant Saslik, serving Russian cuisine food or traditional Finnish restaurant Savotta
Rest at the hotel with a possibility to have a massage session
Solo-salsa class with a Russian speaking teacher from Cuba
Chinese massage at SPA center Liangtse
Supper at the restaurant Sipuli
Visiting lounge-bar Teatteri with a dance floor on top

Program for men:

Breakfast at the café Esplanade
Lunch at the restaurant Savotta /Lappi/Saslik
Rest at the hotel
Having a session at Långvik SPA center
Supper and show program at the hotel Kämp’s restaurant and its lounge bar


The program for Sunday is designed to gather group members together and make them enjoy peaceful and relaxing being in the countryside.

Going to Lohja and accommodation at a small country house
Horse riding in the forest
Photo session with a professional photographer who will later design an exclusive photo album
Lunch in the forest with food cooked on the Finnish style wooden stove
Back in the house. Entertaining themselves by soup boiling, trying to staging a mini performance or merely smoking hookah
Supper with candles with homemade food of Chinese or Finnish cuisine
Launching Chinese lantern

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