Sustainable tourism Finland Kymenmatkat

Sustainable tourism Kymenmatkat

Responsible tourism Kymenmatkat relies on quality and local services.

We have found our own path through the recession and the covid, and with this latest threat, our narrowed operating environment of war, we have designed a new path that complements the journey.

Commitment to work and a love of tourism takes you forward and provides a good foundation for working in tourism. We have the task of taking Finns as tourism ambassadors to the world’s seas and continents, from the Nordic countries and Europe to Asia, America and Oceania.

Tourism, art and culture have traditionally been ambassadors for peace in the world, we have been involved in this activity for 28 years, increasing the encounters of cultures between people. We want to take this unifying message of tourism to a practical level around the world.

We continue to build good relationships, take aid to destinations for tourism, use local services and local partners, and make sure our partners are responsible players in the tourism industry.

This year, Kymenmatka celebrated 28 years of tourism by land, sea and air, both at home and abroad, so we can happily wish you: Enjoy life – Enjoy the journey!

Come along. Life is here and now! That’s what we do.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can serve you!

– Satu, Riikka and Luci


Travel agency Kymenmatkat brings people to the Kotka and Hamina region and organizes trips around the world. For us, quality is one of the cornerstones of responsible tourism. Kymenmatkat uses only reliable partners to ensure the best possible outcome for the customer. Thanks to long-term partnerships, we know our partners well and know that we have the same values ​​and practice of providing tourism services. As an example, we prefer to use hotels that are environmentally friendly when traveling – even if towels are not automatically washed every day. We are happy to arrange the transport together and we always use the services provided by the locals. Because our staff knows the services we offer like our own pockets, it is easy for us to tailor travel packages to different needs. For example, it is possible to build accessible travel packages from the Kymenmatkot selection. Although the services of the travel agency also include trips abroad, we enjoy at least as much the entire population of Kymenmatkot that we can build travel packages to our own region and give tourists the opportunity to get to know the best destinations in Kymenlaakso. Our staff knows the area and its services with decades of experience, so it is easy to meet the needs of each customer. When traveling to the Kymenlaakso area, supporting local businesses and increasing the vitality of the area are the basic principles of Kymenlakat. For example, the purpose of a travel agency is not to produce new service packages, if they are already available, but to support companies and tourism service providers already operating in the area. Group tourism to the area has a significant employment effect. Although much is already being done for responsible tourism, there is always room for improvement. Here, Kymenmatkat uses the Sustainable Travel Finland program to help it, and our travel agency is well on its way to the Sustainable Travel Finland brand, which verifies sustainable tourism. Among other things, the development process is looking for more ecological ways to travel. One concrete measure is to add train journeys to the travel offer, which is already under way.