You don’t need to be a millionaire to relax on your own private island

How many times you can actually book an entire island for your
own use? Here´s your chance. Ollinkarit is an island located on the
beautiful south coast of Finland.
The island has accommodation facilities for 26 people to overnight,
in 16 separate rooms, saunas and outside hot bath tub from where
you can admire the sunset and stars on the sky. If you prefer
Ollinkarit as a day trip destination, the island can serve groups up
to 35 people.

Only for you and your friends, no other groups
You can rent the whole island for you and your friends. Apart from our staff
who is cooking, heating up saunas and organizing different activities for you,
there is no others disturbing your relaxation. The time you stay on the island is
reserved only for you.

Summer games on the island
Depending on your preferences, the package includes Summer Games either by Santa Claus or Ahti the God of the Seas with fun activities such as: Finnish Fear Factor, where you get to taste strange local specialties, legendary Mobile Phone Throwing competition, Fishing competition and Finnish Mölkky bowling. We are also teaching you how to prepare blazed salmon.

Relax in sauna and seaside hot bath tub
We have two separate saunas and a hot bath tub on the sea shore, where you can stay for hours just relaxing with a drink on your hand and watching the beautiful Nordic archipelago.
Enjoy delicious seafood
Last but not least, Ollinkarit island is famous for its traditional and delicious seafood meals. These meals are always part of the island package.

Visit mysterious Rankki military island
If you like, you can include also some island hopping for your stay. We can organize a boat trip to mysterious Rankki military island, which was forbidden for civilians for 100 years. The island has still a big coastal artillery, which was used in the First and Second World Wars.