Russia St Petersburg Petrodvorets

Petrodvorets is the best known suburbs of St. Petersburg.

This gem of Russian 18-19 century architecture used to be the favourite and most beautiful summer residence of the Royal family. The world-famous palace, fountain and park ensemble of Petrodvorets is an outstanding landmark that witnessed huge stratum of Russian history.
The Lower Park is an ideal place for walking. Not only will you amaze at various fountains of different sizes and shapes but also learn the symbolic motive of each sculpture complex. You get stunned at the view to the Great Palace and the Fountains Cascade from the gulf of Finland.

During the tour you will visit the Great Palace which is structural center of the Upper Gardens and the Lower Park. You will enjoy its spacious and airy rooms adorned with rich moldings, splendid parquet flooring, exquisite carving, painted ceilings and canvases by great masters.