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ZAGREB WALKING TOUR Duration: 2 hours

We invite you to experience the past and present of Zagreb by passing through the streets of Lower and Upper Town. After start from Bana Jelacica square you will visit the Zagreb and take in the everyday lively atmosphere of Dolac Market Place. Our walk through the streets of the Upper Town will take us to St. Mark´s Church, a symbol of Zagreb, to the best view of Zagreb from under the Lotršćak Tower and to the Stone gate where we light a candle. Only in Zagreb the noon is announced by the cannon firing from the Lotrščak Tower and city parks are arranged in the form of a horse shoe.

Included: local guide



Duration: 10 hours

Plitvice Lakes National Park, under the protection of UNESCO for its natural beauty, conquers by its diversity and harmony of shapes and colours in any of the seasons. It is a magic world of lakes, waterfalls, moss, forests and sunlight and a string of 16 lakes that spill into each other on foaming cascades and thundering waterfalls. The natural attributes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, uniqueness and sensibility of that phenomenon, deserve a full attention of our visitors. On the way to Plitvice a short stop at Rastoke, a 300 years old settlement of water mills.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fees to NP Plitivicka jezera



Duration: 9 hours

Hrvatsko zagorje is a historic region north of Zagreb. With more then fifty castles and similar cultural landmarks, this is one of the richest regions in the whole of Croatia. Enjoy the scenic drive though Zagorje and hear some of the best stories from the past. In Krapina visit unique Museum of Krapina Neanderthals and explore the life of primitive European man. The road is leading us to the beautiful 15th century fortified castle of Veliki Tabor. The architectural beauty of this late-gothic-renaissance castle is a picturesque detail of the surrounding scenery and for centuries it has been a cause for the astonishment of experts and accidental visitors. Just on the oposite hill to the castle we will taste delicious specialties of this region at the Agro tourism of Grešna Gorica. The Grešna Gorica is offering a visitor an atmosphere of a genuine Zagorje scenery and making him fell a part of the romantic and dramatic past of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Afterwards drive to Ethnological Museum Staro Selo (Old Village) in Kumrovec with very well preserved village houses from the turn of 19th/20th century. So far 40-odd houses and other farm-stead facilities have been restored, which makes Staro Selo the most attractive place of this kind in Croatia. A special attraction of the village is the birth house of the president of former Yugoslavia – Josip Broz Tito, with a monument. In the afternoon return to Zagreb.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fees to Museum of Neanderthal, Veliki Tabor Castle, lunch at Gresna Gorica



Duration: 7 hours

Travel to Varazdin. Varaždin is one of the most beautiful cities of the entire northern Croatia. The variety of cultural and historical offer in the city and its surroundings, as well as the beautiful countryside attract many visitors the whole year round. The urban heart of this Central European Baroque town, which is often compared with Vienna, is very well preserved. The old town fortification, the central part of the town, numerous museums, galleries and collections as well as the Varazdin cemetery, protected as a horticultural monument, represent the main tourist attractions. After the visit, consider to have lunch in one of local restaurants. Afterwards drive to Trakošćan. Trakoscan was built in the 13th c. within Croatia´s north-western fortification system, as a rather small observation fortress for monitoring the main road. The castle is a perfect harmony of nature and architecture. It is located on a hill with a garden within a park-forest and it belongs to the cultural and natural monuments of the top category. Sightseeing of the museum and the surroundings of the castle. Afterwards drive towards Zagreb.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, transfer, entrance Trakoscan castle


SAMOBOR Duration: 4 hours Samobor is a picturesque small town with the well maintained ancient town core and one of the most popular excursion destinations of Zagreb. The centuries-long history, richness of the cultural heritage and the attractive surroundings render Samobor an important position in the tourism of north-western Croatia. Possibility of visiting the crystal factory of Samobor.

Include: private transfer, tour guide, cake and coffee.



Drive to Rijeka, the major Croatian harbour through the green, fresh and dense forests of the Gorski Kotar region. Visit of the city including Trsat, the centre of Marianism in this part of Croatia. Afterwards, drive to neighbouring Opatija, this elegant tourist destination, lies at the centre of the Riviera with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The very attractive geographic position, lush green scenery and a pleasant climate were some of the main reasons for its beginning and the quick development of its tourism at the end of the 19th century. Built mainly at the turn of the 20th century, Opatija has remained in complete harmony with Nature right up until the present day. The contrasts of sea and mountains, green parks and blue sea, old buildings and modern comforts, noisy entertainment venues and quiet destinations for excursions all combine to make Opatija and its surroundings a very attractive tourist resort at any time of the year. Lunch and visit.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, lunch entrance fees.



Duration: 4-5 hours

Plešivica Wine Road is adorned in by beautiful tame landscape, cultural and historic sites, tradition, and friendly hosts. Plešivica wines have traditionally been winning awards all over Croatia and abroad, making quality wines a synonym for the Jastrebarsko region. Discover and taste new experiences tasting some of Croatia’s most celebrated wines. You don’t need to be a wine expert but keen to learn a bit about wine and wine-making. This tour includes wine tasting in two local wineries, as well as tasting of local food specialities.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, wine tasting in 2 wineries, food tasting/snack



Duration: 9 hours

The full day tour includes exploring karst region of Slovenia, its rich underground and interesting architecture. First visit Postojna Cave, a 20-km long karst cave system, a web of underground passages, galleries and chambers. Postojna is known as one of the most captivating cave in the world and the largest show cave in Europe. A ride on an electric mini train will take you deep inside the caves where a guide will lead you through the fascinating chambers rich in various forms of stalactites and stalagmites. A mere few kilometres from Postojna Cave, the Karst world offers an unforgettable experience. The impregnable medieval marvel has been perched in the middle of a 123-metre-high cliff for more than 800 years. . The world’s largest cave castle, listed as one of the Guinness World Records, tells a picturesque story about the times when comfort had to give way to safety, and when the clatter of weapons would often drown out troubadours’ songs.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fee to Postojna and Predjama castle



Duration: 9 hours

This full-day excursion will reveal most famous sites of Slovenia. Bled, an enchanting resort town by the lakeshore, at the foot of the Julian Alps. Sightseeing tour of the fairy-tale castle Bled and the mediaeval city perched on a high cliff 100 m above the lake. Ride on a traditional boat “Pletna“ to the small island in the middle of the lake, comprising the Church of St. Mary of the Lake which dates from the 17th century. Climb the monumental stairs to the notorious “Wishing Bell“ from 1534 – one of the Bled’s symbols. Our next stop is Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is a political, cultural, scientific, educational, business, and transportation center that in its own way combines the characteristics of Slovenia’s eastern and western, northern and southern regions. The city nestling below the hill with Ljubljana Castle. Take a walk along the Ljubljanica river and enjoy relaxed atmosphere of this capital of Slovenia.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, local guide Ljubljana, entrance fee to Bled Castle




Duration: 3 hours

Sightseeing of Split with the old city core that has developed within and around spacious Diocletian’s Palace (part of UNESCO’ world heritage), the most famous and best-preserved monument of Antiquity in Croatia. A walk through the small picturesque streets paved with stone to the cathedral of St Domnius, originally the mausoleum of Diocletian. We continue with the visit to the well-preserved Diocletian’s Cellars and finish the tour on the beautiful waterfront, the symbol of this Mediterranean city, full of charming cafés. Time for leisure and further exploration on your own.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance tickets



Duration:5 hours

Split is situated on a peninsula and surrounded by historical towns and settlements. Have a guided tour through the 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace to visit its ancient Cellars, Peristyle, Roman temples, Cathedral and Baptistery, and the Golden Gate. After some free time in Split our coach will take us to city of Trogir, a small town under the cultural protection of the UNESCO. Trogir, a town museum. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, architecture, and nice alleys are given the opportunity to learn about manifold and complex heritage – from Romanesque yard to the modern interiors. The unique historical core, Radovan’s portal, has been arousing excitement among visitors and travellers for centuries. After sightseeing, free time for lunch.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance tickets for the Diocletian’s palace substructure and cathedral of St. Domnius in Split and the Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir



Duration: 4 hours

One of the most popular TV Series „Game of Thrones“ was partially filmed in various locations in Croatia . As this celebrated HBO TV-series has a huge number of fans all over the world, we hereby offer a unique opportunity to enter this magical world, and visit some of filming locations in Split and surroundings. Enter the city of the Meereen, follow the steps of Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen. Climb the fortress of Klis and see the cliffs where Dragons had been.

We will visti Klis Fortress on the hill outside of Split and the Diocletian’s Palace in very center of this ancient city, where the filming of the famous HBO series Game of Thrones took place. Our experienced guide takes you beneath the city where the Unsullied Army and Queen Daenerys prepare to conquer the World. Enjoy free time after the tour before your transfer to the hotel.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fees for Diocletian Cellars and Klis fortress



Duration: 6-8 hours

This tour requires your willing to leave your everyday life for a while and to enter a whole new realm. You will be able to immerse yourself into the drama, the magic and the intrigue that is Game of Thrones. The tour starts in the Diocletian’s Palace in the very heart of Split where you’ll be able to explore the dragon chambers and walk in the footsteps of the last Targaryen. Our tour continues in the suburban town of Žrnovnica where you’ll visit the exact spot where Missandei – Daenerys’ handmaiden bathed. While there, you’ll try the traditional Croatian gastro delight – peka (dalmatian signature dish). The Game of Thrones tour concludes at Klis Fortress or as the fans will know it – Danaerys’ stronghold. This place is sheer magic. The view from it is astonishing and it perfectly reflects the power of the mighty Targaryens. Valar Morghulis? Sure, but not just jet.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fees for Diocletian Cellars and Klis fortress, tour and lunch in Zrnovnica in Antonicin Mlin.



Duration: 9 hours

A drive to Šibenik where we will visit the famous cathedral of St Jacob, one of the most beautiful and the most important renaissance monuments in Croatia (part of UNESCO’s world heritage). Continue to the Krka National Park that encircles the Krka river, one of the most beautiful Croatian karst rivers. A walk along the noisy foamy waterfalls and fascinating cascades through the green ambience surrounding the Skradinski buk – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. Time at leisure until return.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance ticket for NP Krka, Sibenik sightseeing tour with a ticket for St. James Cathedral



Duration: 12 hours

Plitvice Lakes National Park, under the protection of UNESCO for its natural beauty, conquers by its diversity and harmony of shapes and colours in any of the seasons. It is a magic world of lakes, waterfalls, moss, forests and sunlight and a string of 16 lakes that spill into each other on foaming cascades and thundering waterfalls. The natural attributes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, uniqueness and sensibility of that phenomenon, deserve a full attention of our visitors. On the way to Plitvice a short stop at Rastoke, a 300 years old settlement of water mills. Included: private transfer, tour guide, entrance fees to NP Plitvička jezera



Duration: 4-5 hours

Spend your day enjoying one of the most amazing adventures in Dalmatia. Use this opportunity to enjoy this unique combination of sea, river and mountain terrain that gives this place such mysterious appeal… There is a reason why this is the most popular and most attended adventurous trip in the area. Rafting in the protected area of Cetina River attracts many tourists each summer because it’s a perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation. Three-hour rafting trip through the river canyon flawlessly combines quiet parts of the river with exciting second and third grade rapids. The journey through these crystal green waters usually ends with a barbecue lunch on the riverbank. Forget the dreary everyday life and let your imagination take you back in time when there was no shortage of excitement.

Included: private transfer, expert guide and equipment



Duration: 3-4 hours

Make your holidays memorable with sea kayaking tour. A fun way to explore Split from the sea suited for everyone. Enjoy the combination of breathtaking view of the Kozjak and Mosor mountain chain while paddling around Marjan Park Forrest. Small beaches and hidden historical treasures some of which date back to the 13th century will make your day unforgettable, while you kayak under the supervision of your tour guides to the south side of Marjan hill.

Sea kayaking tour will take us to the stone pyramids emerging from the sea where we will take a break for snorkeling and exploring the underworld. Those who want can take the part in cliff jumping while we take videos and pictures for you to take home as a memory from this tour. The tour ends where we started near Poljud football stadium which is cultural monument and protected heritage and well known home of Hajduk Split football team.

Included: Paddling and safety instruction, licensed tour guide, sit on top double kayaks, life jacket, paddle and watertight barrel for your belongings, mask with snorkel, insurance, transfer from and to the meeting point.



Duration: 3-4 hours (not including ferry ride to Šolta and back to Split)

Šolta Island is famous for its olive oil, wine and rosemary honey. On this excursion you will have an opportunity to combine beautiful nature with tasting experience visiting Islnads premium producers. Šolta is famous for its charming villages, untouched beauty and its world-famous olive oil—including a Šoltanka variety that only grows here! Because of its climate and geographical position, soil and sunny days Šolta is also famous for a variety of grapes called Dobričić that has been traced to one of the ancestors of Plavac Mali and for its famous rosemary honey. We are going to visit Islands best producers ,to see what they are doing and taste the products they offer with great passion. During this tour we will taste best olive oils, take a short factory tour learning all about the production of this wold known products. Then we will visit one of wine producers on the island and taste 2 wines in amazing courtyard of their family stone house in the middle of the old dalmatian village.

Our next stop is visiting Tvrdić Family at their beautiful estate overlooking the sea. They will proudly present to you their products and you will learn why rosemary honey from Šolta is considered to be one of the worlds best . At the end of the tour we drive you back to the Rogač ferry port. Your free time before departure to Split, can be used for lunch in the nearby restaurants or for swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Included: transportation on the island, Honey, Olive Oil and Wine tasting as per the program.


TASTE THE TRADITION – The story of Soparnik

Duration: 3hours

Travel to small village of Gata, near Omis. There you will have a special gastronomical Presentation of the preparation of soparnik (traditional savoury pie with a filling of Swiss chard)with tasting. Upon arrival in Gata, an aperitif is served, followed by the preparation of soparnik by the soparnik masters. During the entire preparation, the local guide explains the procedure itself, but also introduces the guests to the history and customs of the people of Poljica. After the soparnik is baked and ready to eat, it is followed by a tasting with a glass of wine (plavac mali, wine house Skaramuca, Pelješac).

Included: private transfer, presentation program and tasting.



Duration: 5-6 hours

If you are looking forward to a direct encounter with nature, come on a relaxing panoramic boat ride to

in the shadow of high mountains and centuries-old trees, with the rustling of dense reed fields, rest your eyes with a view of crystal clear water, the natural beauty of which is enjoyed by numerous fish, coots and wild ducks. Expert guide will accompany you during the boat ride. After return boat ride of 1hours enjoy lunch at restaurant Kaštil Slanica -Built on the medieval walls of an old salt trading post, Kaštil Slanica Restaurant, with its spectacular riverfront setting and stunning views of the Cetina River, offers an authentic dining experience.

Included: transportation to Omiš where the boat ride starts, return boat ride with expert guide and lunch at restaurant Kaštil Slanica



Duration: 5-6 hours

Just a 40 min driver from Split you will visit Ethno-eco village Škopljanci, a family estate in the centre of which there are about twenty old stone houses, 12 of which have been completely renovated to the smallest detail in order to preserve the original form, respecting the tradition and architecture of the region. Two Dalmatian taverns, Tor and Izba, an ethnographic museum, a bull museum, stradas, tasting rooms, a chimney, a smokehouse. This is rural tourism in its best . After a warm welcome with aperitif drinks and local pastry your hosts will explain all about how food in Škopljanci is prepared according to the original recipes of our ancestors who passed their knowledge and experience from generation to generation. You will prepare everything for baking of the bread and the specialty of the house, homemade lamb roasted on a spit. While meals are cooking you will tour the ethno village, discover the museum and all the collections. After tasting lunch, you will also learn all about style of singing Ojkavica, as the most popular song of this region, which UNESCO included on the list of endangered intangible world heritage. Cutting of home made smoked ham and cheese and delicious tasting before the home made dessert. Return to hotel full of wonderful and tasteful experiences!

Included: private transfers, local guide, cooking class program



Duration: 9 hours

After checking in at your meeting point, we’ll enjoy a panoramic view of Split and other islands as we begin a full day of fun and sun, surrounded by turquoise crystal water to what Conde-Nast Traveler calls “…one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world,…”. Our first stop is Milna, a seaside village on the island of Brac. Time to walk around and experience this decidedly authentic Croatian town. Back on board, surrounded by the blue Adriatic, we’ll make our way to the lavender island of Hvar and its glittering port of Hvar town. At one time, Hvar was one of the largest exporters of lavender and lavender oil. Its necklace of offshore islands, the Pakleni islands, is a mecca for nature lovers and sailors for its wild, untouched natural beauty. Make sure you have your camera ready to capture the gorgeous harbor and stunning Fortica fortress, which sits high above the town to guard its many treasures. You will discover the essence of Mediterranean hospitality and learn about the heritage and history of the entire island. There’s time to explore more on your own—the craft and custom jewelry shopping here is excellent. Known worldwide for its exciting nightlife, by day, the clubs, restaurants and cafes are just as enjoyable – to have a drink, maybe some delicious grilled fresh fish, or just sit and watch life go by like Tom Cruise, Pince Harry and hundreds of other celebrities who come here every year! It’s just a few minutes sail to Pakleni but it’s a world away. Here you will have plenty of free time to explore and swim in tranquil bays framed by untouched nature. After enjoying a day on these sun-kissed Croatian islands, it will be a lovely cruise back to Split.

Included: private transfer, private boat on disposal as per program, skipper, bottled water on bord, safty gear.





Duration: 3 hours

Every nook and cranny of this Pearl of the Adriatic, as it is known, hides a treasure. Dubrovnik is surrounded by 1940 meters of unique medieval ramparts preserved in their original form and open to visitors as the cities flagship attraction. Protected by UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979, Dubrovnik can boast one of the first such listings in Croatia.

The Republic of Dubrovnik was the center of a separate political and territorial entity, and was proud of its culture, its achievements in commerce and especially of its freedom, preserved down so many tempestuous centuries.

On this 3 hour tour your guide will show you main sites and give you insight in Dubrovnik history, culture, architecture and customs. Particular mention should be made of the city’s main street – Stradun, running from Pile Gate in the west to Ploče Gate in the east, the Rector’s Palace where the rector (city governor) would reside during his one-month term in office, the church of St. Vlaho, 17th-century Baroque Cathedral, three large monasteries and the City Hall.

Included: private transfer, local guide, Rector’s Palace and Cathedral with treasury



Duration : 3 hours

One of the most popular TV Series of today „Game of Thrones“ was partially filmed in Dubrovnik and it’s surroundings. As this celebrated HBO TV-series has a huge number of fans all over the world, we hereby offer a unique opportunity to enter this magical world of Westeros. You can book one of the offered specialized tour by local guide, also a huge series fan, and experience this tour as a great combination of fact and fiction. Tour covers the sites in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its surroundings that were used to film the scenes in the second, third and fourth season. The beautiful Old city of Dubrovnik with it’s ancient City Walls present the official setting of King’s Landing, capital of the Seven Kindgoms. As part of the walls you will visit also Lovrijenac Fortress, where battle scenes, including Stannis Baratheon’s Battle of the Blackwater were filmed.

Included: private transfer, local guide, city walls end Lovrijenac fortress entrance fee



Duration : 7-8 hours

One of the most popular TV Series of today „Game of Thrones“ was partially filmed in Dubrovnik and it’s surroundings. As this celebrated HBO TV-series has a huge number of fans all over the world, we hereby offer a unique opportunity to enter this magical world of Westeros. You can book one of the offered specialized tour by local guide, also a huge series fan, and experience this tour as a great combination of fact and fiction. Tour covers the sites in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its surroundings that were used to film the scenes in the second, third and fourth season. The beautiful Old city of Dubrovnik with it’s ancient City Walls present the official setting of King’s Landing, capital of the Seven Kindgoms. As part of the walls you will visit also Lovrijenac Fortress, where battle scenes, including Stannis Baratheon’s Battle of the Blackwater were filmed. Apart from King’s Landing, you will also be able to visit locations which in series represent magical town of Qarth, the House of Undying, Tyrell garden and much more.

Included: private transfer, local guide, visit to all filming locations within and around Dubrovnik (Old City, City Walls, island of Lokrum and Trsteno Arboretum), giving fans the opportunity to relive all the scenes filmed at these locations.



Duration : 5 hours

Departure on a full-day excursion to the beautiful historical town of Cavtat, one of the most beautiful places on the eastern Adriatic coast. Upon arrival in ancient Epidaurus, we’ll take a stroll along the waterfront past the centuries old palm trees and stone streets to the mausoleum of the Račić family (the work of Ivan Meštrović, one of Croatia’s greatest sculptors), then visit the home and gallery of the great Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac.Vlaho Bukovac is definitely one of the most important Croatian artists. The Bukovac house in Cavtat is his birthplace and Museum and it holds more than 200 paintings, drawings, sketches, private letters, a collection of photographs, autobiography manuscript „My life“ from 1918 etc. Museum curator will take you on the private tour of the house. You will have a chance to see Vlaho Bukovac art works and thru them follow artists development and changes of his style.

Afterwards you head to Konavle to a small village to visit another, but living artist, also very important for this area.Antonia Ruskovic Radonic is and academic painter, born in Dubrovnik in 1973.Because of her profound interest in the Konavle traditions and handicrafts, she has organized several educational programs aimed at protecting and conserving the traditional crafts of Konavle. She is leading AR Atelier in little place of Gruda (Konavle), an art shop that produces various applied and decorative items created by several techniques like hand painted silk, pottery, and traditional Konavle embroidery.

Antonia will welcome you in her Atelier and show you her work and work exhibited. She will let you know the story about her life path, her accomplishments and her efforts to preserve tradition of Konavle region thru her art and her workshops. While enjoying traditional liqueurs and sweets you will be captivated by her enthusiasm in not letting tradition fade away and her passion for art and crafts. After this art advenuture return to Dubrovnik or stop for a lunch somewhere.

Included: private transportation. Local guide, entrance to Bukovac house with curator, AR Atelier organized visit (traditional sweets and traditional liqueurs included).


MONTENEGRO Duration: 10 hours

Montenegro is one of the last undiscovered secrets, the country whose vast natural and spiritual assets refuse to fit into any commercial pattern.

Located close to Dubrovnik, Montenegro offers an unforgettable experience: exceptional natural beauty in combination with a rich history and culture.

First we will stop at the view point were you will have a chance to take a picture of the magnificent Kotor bay where the mountains descend almost directly into the sea creating a surreal atmosphere.

The tour next takes you to Perast where you will take boat ride to Our Lady of the Rocks Island with its Church. According to legend, the islet was made over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and Child on the rock in the sea 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea.

We continue to Kotor where you will have a tour of this beautiful town. The Old Town of Kotor lay in the shadows of the fearsome St. John’s Hill and the walls protecting this town are a fortification masterpiece at up to 15 meters wide and 20 meters high each. These walls are skillfully crafted into the natural steep slopes of the hill and the view of this town on approach is one of the amazing sights, not only of the Mediterranean, but of the world. A person’s first look at Kotor, whether from the sea or from the road, always leaves a strong impression. We will also have a visit to one of Kotor’s most impressive buildings – St Tryphon’s Cathedral, Catholic cathedral that was consecrated in 1166. After some free time for souvenir shopping we continue back to Dubrovnik and your hotel.

Included: transportation, local guide from border, entrance fees and lunch.



Duration: 6 hours

Located in the southernmost region of Croatia, Konavle is often referred to as the “Konavle Valley” but it is much more than a valley. Bordering Bosnia-Hercegovina to the east and Montenegro to the south, it covers approximately 125 square miles and has a population of around 10,000 people. Some 30 villages and hamlets are dotted around the region, some with only two or three houses.

Konavle is stunningly beautiful. One third of the region is forest, mostly pines and cypresses. The valleys are full of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees including tangerines, figs and mulberries.

There are two main rivers, the Ljuta and the Konavocica and water mills were important at one time.

You will visit the site MLIN on river Ljuta where you will have a tour of the only mill in operation, reconstructed in its original form of its external appearance and the mechanism of the mill inside You can enjoy in a welcome drink of homemade liqueurs, dry figs, sugared orange and lemon peels arancini and candied almonds served by girls in national folk costumes on the terraces in front of the mill. After the visit to Old Mill drive to The Glavić House. The Glavić house is an original house in Konavle about 400 years old and a registered cultural monument on the national heritage list. There were 36 members of the family who lived in this rural complex 150 years ago and they lived on agriculture. The Glavić house develops rural tourism since 1982 offering their great hospitality and excellent services in the very traditional cuisine. Fresh local food and a warm welcome with an aperitif awaits you in their friendly home! Since wine is one of the main agricultural products of Konavle valley you will visit one of the wineries in Konavle and taste native sorts. After the wine tasting return to hotel.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, local guide, welcome drink, snack, demonstration of mills for corn grinding and fine processing of cloths, lunch or dinner



Duration: 3 hours

Your half day adventure at Adriatic Sea starts beneath the Old Town in the small port called Pile. Accompanied with English speaking instructors (tour guides), you will set off to explore caves and beauties around mysterious Lokrum island, also called ’The sland of love’. After paddling around the island you will paddle across the bay until you reach hidden cave beach called Betina, where you will have a break for snorkeling .The only way to reach this peaceful beach is from the sea side so you will enjoy in private & unique view of the City walls & you will discover richness of the Adriatic underwater. After short break on the beach you will paddle along the cost toward the City walls. Beaches, palm trees, boats, villas and hotels… form part of this tour. Paddling under the impressive city walls and rocks on which they were built on you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Pearl of the Adriatic from a different perspective. Unquestionably the most beautiful part of our sea adventure. Finish paddling toward the initial position in the Pile bay.

Included: Kayak, mask, snorkel, insurance, instructor/tour guide, water



Duration: 2,5 hours

Walk the old country roads and pathways of Dubrovnik area; enjoy the scents of the rich Mediterranean vegetation and breathtaking view over the mountains and islands. Meet friendly local people and visit the small villages with the Dalmatian stone architecture and taste the delicious Mediterranean food… Dubrovnik with its rich historical heritage offers you to discover many of its secrets and legends. Take a trail and discover why Dubrovnik is called ‘the Pearl of Adriatic’.

Our walk starts from the Old Town’s gate Ploče. We take one of the oldest roads in Dubrovnik (6th century). The ascent is easy and leads us to the village above Dubrovnik called Bosanka. While climbing up we can enjoy the view of the old town in the foothills. After about one hour of walking we come to the Napoleon’s fort Imperial that was badly damaged during the war and is now museum of Homeland war. We take a small rest and refresh ourselves with snack and water. Then we walk down to the town and we end our hiking tour at the Pile gate.

Included: Insurance, instructor/tour guide, snack & water



Duration: 6 hours

Pelješac is a peninsula in southern Croatia located only an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik.

This peninsula is the most famous wine-growing area of southern Croatia, and Pelješac wine perfectly complements the Maloston oysters. It is believed that these Maloston delicacies have aphrodisiac properties. They were in demand even in the Renaissance, when they were an indispensable part of the feasts of the Dubrovnik nobility.

Near Ston, a city known for its monumental walls, there is the small town of Mali Ston, where you will have a unique gastronomic experience. Sailing by boat, you will enjoy the untouched natural beauty of the protected ecosystem of the Maloston Bay, together with the sun and the sea where many small islands ”bath” and where the Šare family has been growing oysters for generations, and since 1980 they have run the Bota Šare family restaurant. The whole experience has an educational character as they are happy to share their knowledge and experience about the process of growing oysters. You will learn how to collect oysters and open them in the middle of an oyster farm. At the end, you will enjoy tasting the world-famous oysters, freshly plucked from the sea, on a floating pontoon.

After the boat trip, lunch will be served at the Bota Šare restaurant in little Ston.

A visit to Pelješac cannot be complete without a wine tasting. After lunch, we will head to the small picturesque town of Putniković in the very heart of the Pelješac peninsula. It is a place that has been associated with vines since ancient times. Neither the numerous adversities nor the weather did not distract the hard workers from their commitment to the viticultural culture, which requires unconditional and daily care and attention. Togetherness and commitment to work has a constant development path since the long-ago year 1911, when the agricultural cooperative Putniković was founded. Over 140 cooperative members cultivate the autochthonous variety of plavac mali in their sparse karst fields, which gives us top wines ready to satisfy your taste buds. Along with the well-known blue wines Pelješac, Lirica and Libertas, Sveta Ana, the autochthonous white Maraština variety, is the pride of the winery.

With the desire to connect tradition and modern values, the idea of establishing the First Croatian And this kind of cultural experience is always best rounded off with a good drop. Therefore, we offer you tastings of our wines in a modern tasting room.

Included: transportation, tour guide, oyster tasting, lunch, wine tasting.



Duration: 10 hours

Međugorje is a unique event in the modern world. It is believed that Our Lady appeared in front of a group of children in 1981. Thanks to Our Lady’s apparitions this simple village parish has become a place of gathering for a multitude of pilgrims from the whole world and one of the biggest prayer centers in the world. Numerous witnesses say that, in this place, they have found faith and peace. You will have the opportunity to visit the Apparition Hill and attend the Holy Mass in the local church.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, local guide.



Duration: 11 hours

After crossing the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, we drive along the river Neretva and make a short stop in Počitelj. Počitelj is a real, open-air museum and a much cherished place by numerous artists who, in this magical scenery, find inspiration for their works of art. Mostar, “the city of bridges” and which historically was the powerful trade, entrepreneurial and military centre of Herzegovina from the 16th to the 19th century. The city is situated on the banks of the Neretva River. Sightseeing of the old city core with the famous stone Old Bridge, as well as a walk to the Kujundžiluka crafts street – the old trading part of town, decorated in oriental design, full of goldsmiths, small stores, and traditional restaurants. Trip to the Mosque and the Turkish house-museum, one of the most beautiful protected residential objects from the Turkish period. After a guided tour of the town enjoy some free time for strolling around and browsing among the many old crafts shops. On our way back we stop in Blagaj to visit its Tekija, a centuries old Dervish monastery, situated at the foot of a cliff, next to the source of the river Buna. Its unique and picturesque series of buildings look even better in person than in pictures.

Included: private transfer, tour guide, local guide, entrance fee to Turkish House and Old Bazaar, Tekija (Blagaj)



Duration: 2.30 hours without transfer

The excursion starts at the village Gruda in Konavle. We take our bikes to the small village roads that run across the lively Konavle region. The trail takes us through orchards, cornfields, vineyards, blueberry fields… We also cross the bridges of Ljuta and Konavočica rivers. The main route is easy to cycle on, quite flat with just few short climbs. More experience cyclists can arrange more challenging route with their tour guide upon meeting.

Occasional short breaks are made for being acquainted with the historical and natural characteristics of the Konavle region (like visit to Franciscan monastery, old mill in Ljuta village, and waterfalls of river Ljuta). During our breaks, we will refresh ourselves with snack and water.

Taking small village roads, we return to Gruda at Dubrovnik wine cellars, where guests can taste and buy famous wines produced from local grapes.

The price includes: all necessary equipment (bike, helmet), insurance, instructor/tour guide, wine tasting in local winery.



Duration: 3-4 hours

In this unique and delightful tour explore the splendid landmarks of Dubrovnik’s walled Old Town with a local guide, taste traditional food and savour authentic wines. Your local guides will tell you interesting stories and your will learn all bout history & culture and get insider tips on where to go, and what to eat while in Dubrovnik. You will have an opportunity to do sit down tasting at multiple locations. Join us on walking Dubrovnik Old Town Food Tour as we explore the hidden gems and narrow streets in search of our favourite food places. Our 3 to 4-hour tour offers several authentic tastings at a diversity of places. Not only will you taste and learn the origins of delicious foods but you will be wowed by offbeat cultural insights and impressed by historical tales. Delicious samplings, enough for a hearty lunch/dinner for most, are served from locally owned eateries and historic locations. Included: private transfer, local expert guide, 4 food & drinks tastings at pre picked locations.


ELAFITI ISLANDS – by private boat

Duration: 8 hours

This tour takes you to the biggest islands in Elafiti archipelago. Despite being close to Dubrovnik, they remain largely unpopulated, and each has its unique characteristics. Koločep is the least populated, and its landscape includes high cliffs, Lopud has the most beautiful sandy beaches, and Šipan is the largest one and is well known for its diverse vegetation.

This private exclusive tour is the best way to explore hidden Island gems, experience natural beauties (sandy beaches, sea caves, hidden coves) and historical heritage in comfort and privacy.

A couple of miles across the water loom and massive mountains of the Croatian mainland, you’ll find a little paradise on earth…The crystal blue sea will make you feel whole again, and the fresh breeze will remind you what’s life really about. If you’re looking for an escape from the noise, bustle and crowds of the city, you will find your serenity here. This is restaurant BOWA, a secret garden of delights for all senses and a small world of its own.

Included: private transfer, private boat on disposal for 7 h, tour guide, lunch.





Duration: 2 hours

Sightseeing of Zadar, the historical centre of Dalmatia, the town with the first Croatian university and the only sea organ in the world. A walk through the main city street – Kalelarga to Forum, the main square of the ancient Roman city. The church of St Donatus is one of the most beautiful examples of Byzantine architecture in Dalmatia, built at the beginning of the 9th century. Nearby is the Romanesque cathedral of St Anastasia from the 12th-13th century, considered by many the most beautiful church in Dalmatia. A small sarcophagus with the remains of St Anastasia dating from the 9th century is kept in the cathedral. Strolling through the old town, you will also see famous installation Greeting to the Sun, the Sea Organ, and the Roman Forum.

Included: private transfer, tour guide and entrance fee to Zadar Cathedral



Duration: 9 hours

Leaving for a full-day excursion to the Plitvice Lakes, the most famous national park in Croatia (part of UNESCO’s world heritage). This is forestry mountainous area where sixteen beautiful crystal blue-green lakes are interconnected with foamy cascades and magnificent waterfalls supplied with water by numerous streams and small rivers.

Lunch in one of the restaurants and time at leisure until return.

Included: private transfer, tour guide and entrance tickets, for NP Plitvice , lunch



Duration:7 hours

A drive to Šibenik – the oldest town on the Adriatic coast. A visit to the famous cathedral of St Jacob, one of the most beautiful and the most important renaissance monuments in Croatia (part of UNESCO’s world heritage). Your walking tour includes a guided walking tour through the old part of the town where you will visit the finest sites including the Cathedral of St. Jacob one of the finest sacral monuments in Dalmatia. After visiting the town of Šibenik follows the magic world of the Krka River which runs over cliffs and falls in 46 m of profundity! to the Krka National Park that encircles the Krka river and its deep canyons. A walk along the noisy foamy waterfalls and fascinating cascades through the green ambience surrounding the Skradin buk – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

Included: private transfer, tour guide and entrance fee to Sibenik Cathedral and NP Krka



Duration: 8hours

A full-day boat excursion to Kornati – a labyrinth of islands and channels surrounded by clean blue sea with numerous bays and underwater caves. The archipelago is protected as a national park because of the exceptional richness of its submarine world. Sailing through the highly indented Adriatic archipelago of 140 uninhabited islands, islets and rocks dried by the sun, carved by the north-eastern wind and covered with aromatic herbs. The several stone houses can also be seen among the fascinating cliffs created by the wind and the sea. Since the Komati Islands are know for the freshly caught fish, let your skipper know if you’d like to stop for a meal at your own personal expense. They will be happy to recommend restaurants for a gourmet lunch or alternatively suggest picnic locations for those who have brought their own meals. Afterward, if time allots, have another swim before concluding your tour.

Excursion includes: transfer, private speed boat, guide/skipper and entrance fee for Kornati National Park.





Duration: 2 hours

The tour through the Old Town of Korčula is an ideal opportunity to meet rich and interesting history of this unique Adriatic town. It has one of the oldest city statutes in this part of Europe, stemming from 1214. It has the oulay that reminds of a fish bone. Korčula, proud of its St Mark s cathedral , has for many years been the bishop s residence. However, it is most famous as a hometown of a seaman Marko Polo.

Once on the tour, you will hear many more interesting historical and cultural facts. This is a chance to learn more, explore the architecture and discover the secrets of Korčula. Our experienced and well-educated guides will tell you historical facts and legends and will present you with the current way of life. Korčula is ” a pearl always ready to fly away” – discover the meaning of this sentence on your tour.

Durin tour you will visit The Museum of Marko Polo and St Mark s Cathedral. If you want to see a spectacular view, climb the Cathedral tower of Revelin Tower.

Included: Local guide, entrance Cathedral and Museum of Marko Polo


CITY TOUR KORČULA – with Lady Franchesca

Duration: 2 hrs

The old heart of the town has been fascinating for a large number of tourists. It is a hometown of a seaman and travel writer Marko Polo and we believe it should be seen from a different perspective, presented by his mistress, Lady Franchesca. His life surely was not monotonous ( he travelled for about twenty-four years, passing some twenty-five thousand kilometers and bringing various oriental wonders into our world) and presented through the eyes of the time-witness, it will be most amusing for you. The man who has changed a course of history and gastronomy was a heart breaker, as well, and it is up to you to find out whose heart he had broken. Learn interesting things about his hometown and customs of the time through his not so publicly known private life. Lady Franchesca s story will trigger your imagination and senses.

Included: The guide dressed as Lady Franchesca, the mistress of Marko Polo, entrance fee museum Marko Polo



Duration: 4 hours

The tour starts with the sightseeing of the Old Town of Korčula. Adriatic Aphrodite, as it is called, will take your breath away. The guide will take you on a city tour through the streets of a hometown of a world-famous seaman Marko Polo, will make you familiar with its history and customs but with its current way of life, as well. What makes this tour different is an easy-going attitude of our guide. After the city tour guests get on the vehicles and start towards the church of St Anthony s , placed on top of a hill from which there is a magnificent view on to Korčulan archipelago. Our next stop is traditional honey and marmalade tasting. Driving through new town area we get to Dominče, the ferry port, where we get onto the ship which will take us on an unforgettable sea panorama. Once on board, you will be served local wines.

Included: Old town walking tour, vehicle with driver / licensed local tourist guide, presentation and tasting of honey and marmalade, cruise with boat, wine tasting



Duration: 8hours

Tour begins with Korcula old town and its surrounding panorama. Upon arriving to Korcula lady Francesca (mistress of Marco Polo) will guide you through the town and the time when Marco Polo lived. This tour will end with ice-cream tasting that Marco Polo brought to Europe upon his return from China. At this point we are going back to the ship and sailing towards island of Badija where you will visit Franciscan Monastery from 14th century and meet deers that inhabit this island. After this visit you will have enough time to take a swim. Later we will sail towards Vrnik. Vrnik is the only inhabited island in this archipelago First we will visit two quarries. The stone was used for the buildings in Korčula, Dubrovnik, Aja Sofija, Washington and many other famous buildings in Croatia and all around the world. It is the highest-quality white stone.You will have time for swimming on his beautiful little pebble beaches. it’s time for authentic dalmatian lunch After swimming, lunch and enjoying we are continuing to a place where naval battle happened upon which Marco Polo was captured. Beutiful day we will finish with slowly cruise between Island Korčula and peninsula Pelješac with one more glass of wine.

Included: ship cruise, old town Korcula sightseeing, ice-cream tasting, enter fee to Franciscan Monastery, enter fee for museum on Vrnik , lunch, tour guide



Duration: 4hours

Discover the spells of the island of Korčula, one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. Originally called Korkyra Melaina ( Black Korčula), it dates from the times of ancient Greeks. From its early beginnings it was the home of wine grape and wine production which have become an essential part of life and survival of inhabitants of Korčula. The Statute from 1214 ( the oldest written body of laws in this part of Europe) regulated wine growing, production and trade on the island. Korčulan wines were exported to Venice and they were regularly served on the Habsburg Court.

Our excursion starts at the view point of Korčula, where you can take a couple of photos. The first vineyards we are going to visit are situated in Lumbarda and are famous for Grk, an autochthonous wine sort.. It is not known whether the name derives from the bitter taste or the old Greeks who settled Lumbarda in the fourth and the third century before Christ bringing their own wine sort. You will have the opportunity to taste Grk at a local winery. Then we drive through the interior of the island, passing the villages of Žrnovo and Pupnat on our way to Pupnatska Luka ( The Bay of Pupnat), one of the most beautiful bays on the island. We continue our trip towards Čara and Smokvica, where you will be able to see vineyards. After the tour through the fields you will get the chance to try Pošip and other wines at two most prominent wineries. On our way to Korčula we will drive along the north-west coast of the island passing a couple of fantastic view points which make an additional proof of how beautiful the island is. Swimming can be organized at any point upon request.

Included: vehicle with driver / licensed local tourist guide, 2x wine tasting, snack, bottle of water



Duration: 4 hours

Korčula is famous not only for natural beauties and cultural heritage but also for a thousand years long tradition of quality wines and virgin olive oil production. Lately have the islanders started producing honey as well. Whereas other parts of Dalmatia are famous for red wines, Korčula offers fantastic white wines made from local sorts. Korčulan olive oil has protected designation of origin on EU level. That is virgin olive oil got directly from the fruit by mechanical procedures only. Korčula is one of the greenest Adriatic islands, it is rich in herbs and therefore ideal for keeping bees and producing honey . All three products are based on the unique position of the island and diversity of flora and fauna of this climate.

We shall begin our tour of discovering local treasures at the family farm Komparak, where we shall get to know procedures of virgin olive oil and honey production. You will get the chance to try those and some other delicacies prepared by this household. Having visited the farm holiday, we shall climb St Antony’s Hill to see the 14th century chapel placed there and enjoy the view from the spot. Our next goal is the village of Lumbarda, famous for an autochthonous wine sort grown on 40 hectares only. After a brief stroll through the fields we shall get to a family wine cellar of Grk wine where you will get the chance to try three local wines and hear the story of Lumbardan Grk in pleasant ambiance of winery overlooking vineyards. On the end you will have time for swimming on sandy beach in Lumbarda.

Included: vehicle with driver / licensed local tourist guide, presentation and tasting of honey, olive oil and marmalade, wine tasting, snack , bottle of water, swimming time.



Duration: 4 hours

Korčula Buggy Safari is a unique opportunity to discover the island of Korčula in a half-day adventure with unforgettable rides through forests, olive groves and vineyards.

After everybody has taken his / her place in a buggy vehicle, we can start. The ride starts from Žrnovska Banja by driving to the best spot from which you can see the old town of Korčula and the Pelješac channel. We continue our way around the hill through a pine forest to the top where there is a few centuries-old stone fortress named Forteca. After visiting the fort, we continue driving along beautiful olive groves and vineyards. Along the way we will also visit some monuments from the Second World War. Then we arrive to the sandy beach “Pržina” in Lumbarda where we plan a 45 minute-break which you can use to swim and relax. After enjoying Pržina, we ride through the village of Lumbarda which is full of smaller vineyards that grow an authentic sort of vine called Grk. Then we drive for about three kilometers by the sea, enjoying beautiful sea views on islands and bays. Our next turn is into the forest and we drive along the hills that lead to Žrnovo. After a few kilometers we reach Žrnovska Banja and this is where the ride itself ends. In our family home you can taste liqueurs and wines made according to old recipes that have been passed down to younger generations for years, without artificial ingredients and additives. We are sure you will enjoy them.

MANDATORY: driving license (if you drive), sunglasses

RECOMMENDED: sun creme, beach towel, photo camera

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Return transfer, buggy, gasoline, experienced tour guide, wine and olive oil tasting, home made brandy and desert



Duration: 8 hours

According to a legend, Odysseus’s ship smashed against the rock nearby a cave entrance, he swam to the cave and took shelter in it. He fell in love with the ruler of the island, the nymph Calypso, who was renowned for her beauty. She held him captive for seven long years. Although he grieved his beloved wife Penelope during the day, each night Calypso would bewitch him, promising him immortality if he stayed with her. He was set free only after Zeus intervened. According to these stories, Mljet seems to be Homer’s Ogygia from Odyssey. However, this legend is often attributed to the island of Malta, which, at the time, shared the name with Mljet.

In the summer, around noon, when the sunlight strikes the cave area, the sea provides a spectrum of colors which is especially interesting and breathtaking for tourists.

Our return to the times of Odysseus starts with a speedboat ride to the cave. Meanwhile we will pass the spot where the sea enters stunning Mljet lakes and a famous bay of Ropa. You can enjoy breathtaking views of Mljet National Park, and, if you get lucky, you will see the dolphin, a frequent visitor of this area. You will have two hours to enjoy in the cave itself. In case you decide to go snorkeling, you will be provided with the snorkeling equipment. There is a bar above the cave where you can have a refreshment and enjoy the view. After swimming and relaxation, on our return journey we will take you to lunch to one of the restaurants dotted on the coastline. Once it is over, you will be taken back to your hotel.

Included: a boat with a skipper, beach accessories ( where available), snorkeling equipment, lunch




Duration: 2 hours

Join us for the ultimate tour of Hvar. The Hvar Heritage Waking Tour is perfectly tailored for those who want to see as much as they can in 2 hours. Encompassing all the major sights and landmarks of historic Hvar, this tour offers truly the best and the most complete perspective of once the most important Venetian harbour in the Adriatic sea. Hvar is a visual fest for lovers of architecture and it looks like “an open air gallery” for every style which is waiting to be discovered. You will surely enjoy in the charm of the Old Town called Groda, the Piazza, the Arsenal and the first public theatre in Europe, the cathedral of St. Stephen, the Franciscan monastery, the Renaissance Palaces and many others. This tour will offer you a unique perspective and understanding of Hvar’s rich historic heartland.

Included: local guide, Cathedral and Franciscan monastery entrances



Duration: 4-5 hours

A perfect opportunity to see the Island with its interesting landscape and numerous villages. We will take you on a scenic drive along the panoramic old road, which connects Stari Grad and Hvar to Velo Grablje. Once a rich and advanced township, this area was an industrial centre for wine, olive oil, and honey, and the people were known as the greatest lavender-oil producers in Europe. One of our stops will include Vidikovac, a hill with immaculate views of Stari Grad and the deepest bay on the island. Have your camera ready. The scenery is lush and ripe with photo opportunities. Driving through the green inland of the island, we come to our next stop on the tour: Stari Grad, one of the oldest settlements on our coast. Here we will go on a brief walk through the stone streets of this colourful town, founded by the Ancient Greeks during the 4th Century BC, with visits to Hektorovic’s castle Tvrdalj, a Dominican Monastery, the ruins of the Ancient Pharos, and the 5th Century Church of St. John. After our visit to Stari Grad, we continue through the famous vineyards of UNESCO-protected Hora, the largest and most fertile field on the Adriatic islands. This area was divided by the ancient Greeks into smaller parcels, each of which was 900 x 180 meters. That parceling of land is still visible today, and it makes Hora the best-preserved Greek cadastre in the Mediterranean.

Included: Private transportation with driver and fully licensed guide, walking tours of Stari Grad and Vrboska



Duration: 3 hours

Starting from the hotel, the tour continues to the Napoleon fortress at 250 m elevation with an amazing view at Hvar town and surrounding islands. The tour then proceeds following the old road, to central part of the island, through the picturesque villages and lavender fields. Our second stop is st. Roko’s chapel, a place with a wonderful view at Stari Grad Plain (UNESCO World Heritage).

Upon our arrival in Jelsa our host at Duboković winery is Mr. Ivo Duboković – owner of one of the best Croatian wines called “Medvid”. He only produces 15 000 – 20 000 bottles per year and therefore his wines are in demand. Duboković’s wine cellar is situated in a traditional Dalmatian “konoba” in Jelsa. One of his co-operative vineyards is located at an altitude of 530m near the Hvar’s St. Nicolas peak and is over 90 years old (autochthonous wine variety called “Darnekuša”). Apart from wines you will also taste a wide variety of aromatized olive oils which he produces.

Mr. Ivo Duboković is a man who is not afraid to experiment with wines and olive oil, and that makes him so special. As a result, his wines can be found at desks of top restaurants in Croatia, Switzerland, Germany and recently even in France. This modest but admired winery will amaze you and the flavor of aromatized olive oils will follow you throughout your vacation! The tour ends with a transfer back to your hotel after the degustation.

Included: Private transportation with driver, wine and olive tasting, tour guide



Duration: 8 hours

This unique day on the sea starts with the majestic Green and Blue caves and includes Vis and the Pakleni islands! We’ll begin by cruising between Hvar and the islets of Ravnik and Biševo. First we will visit the Green Cave where we will get a chance to swim inside and enjoy the emerald light show!. Then we’ll discover a picturesque hidden inlet called Stiniva, where you can enjoy a delicious swim or just relax and sun bathe. After Stiniva, it’s off to experience the world-renowned Blue Cave, whose ethereal silvery blue color is created by the sun as it bathes the inside of the cave through an opening in the roof and is reflected back by the sandy surface below. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena, this cave is a must see.

Included: The tour as described, speedboat, fuel, skipper






Duration: 2 hours

Opatija, a charming coastal town with a rich history and culture, has many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, well-manicured parks and magnificent villas that are waiting to be discovered. Starting from the Croatian Walk of Fame at Slatina, with its marble stars dedicated to renowned personalities, the tour moves on to the small harbour of Portić. Next, there’s the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion, the town’s central exhibition venue, then the Park and Church of St. James, the patron saint of the town, and after that the statue of the Girl with the Seagull, which has become the town’s most recognisable landmark. The walking tour continues to the Hotel Kvarner, the oldest one in Croatia, whose annex the Villa Amalia was once a favourite destination of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan, before continuing to the Villa Angiolina, which is located in the centre of the park of the same name, the largest one in Opatija. This villa, in which modern European tourism was born, is today the seat of the Croatian Museum of Tourism, which also includes the nearby Swiss House, from where the walking tour of the town’s main attractions leads past the statue dedicated to Friedrich Julius Schüler, the great visionary of tourism in Opatija. Some of the important guests of the town, such as Albert Einstein and James Joyce, are portrayed on the Wall of Fame, along which this walking tour leads to its final destination – the harbour of Opatija.

Included: Local guide



Duration: 8 hours

Full day excursion to three “pearls “ of the west Istrian coast – Poreč, Rovinj and Pula. In Poreč we will visit the Euphraius Basilica with beautiful early Byzantine wall mosaics from the 6th century (part of UNESCO’s world heritage). After the arrival to Rovinj, a stroll through stone paved streets to the early Christian church of St Euphemia – the symbol of the city. Free time for discovering the city. Leaving for Pula, the oldest town on the east coast of the Adriatic, and a tour of the old city centre with the famed Arena ( one of the six biggest preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world).

Included: private transportation, tour guide, entrance tickets



Duration: 12 hours

Plitvice Lakes, surrounded by dense beech and fir forest, is considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. Sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls flow into one another in an incessant play of water and light. Plitvice Lakes, as a protected eco-system, were declared a National Park in 1949, and since 1979 they have been on the UNESCO List of World Natural Heritage. Forests in the National Park are the habitat of various animal species such as the wolf, the fox, the rabbit, the lynx, the wild boar, the deer and the brown bear.

A guided tour of about three hours includes a drive aboard an electric mini train, a boat ride on the lake and walk.

Included: private transportation, tour guide, local guide, entrance tickets



Duration: 8 hours

Istrian inland is a beautiful hilly area known for the production of supreme wines and quality olive oil as well as highly appreciated truffles and wild asparagus. This part of Croatia is especially attractive for those who enjoy autochthonous cusine, wine and clean water with fresh air and untouched nature. All villages and towns of Istrian inland were built on tops of the hills and fortified for defence. Many of them are deserted but their walls still remind us of ancient times and history of this area. A visit to Boljun, the picturesque medieval town and fortified town Roč, the important Glagolitic Centre. Glagolitic Monks Lane leading to Hum, “the smallest town in the world”, starts precisely here. A drive through the quiet valley of the Mirna river via Buzet to Motovun and lunch on an agro-tourist farm in a typical Istrian ambience.

Included: private transportation, lunch, guide and entrance fees.



Duration: 5 hours

Departure from Opatija. Drive to HUM – the smallest city in the world.

The town is located in the heart of Istria and was built on the remains of an old fortress in the 11th century. It experienced a real boom in the 16th century. Today it is a living monument of history and cultural heritage.

After the tour of Hum the drive to the winery will be followed by a wine tasting with prosciutto and cheese. The trip continues towards Motovun. Motovun is the best preserved medieval Istrian fortress located on the top of a steep hill,

after which it got the name Montona – ” town on the mountain”. Sightseeing of Motovun and small tasting of truffle – based products. Free time.

Return to Opatija in the afternoon.

Included: private transportation, local guide, wine tasting, truffle tasting



Duration: 6 hours

Drive to Pula along east Istrian coast. Visit of Amphitheatre and other monuments in largest city in Istria. After sightseeing, we will continue to Vodnjan. Tasting of local wines and olive oil. Visit of famous parish church of St. Blaise well known for mummies and treasury. After visit, we will continue to Savičenta (also called Svetvinčenat). Visit of local lavender farm with tasting. Included: private transportation, Entrance in AmphitheatreWine tasting: 6 sorts of wine, olive oil, bread with sausage and cheeseEntrance in church and museum in VodnjanEntrance in Morosini-Grimaldi CastleLavender farm: curd with oil and lavender, bread with lavender, strudel, lavender liqueur and syrup.